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Want to experience the Keys underwater beauty in the safest easiest way possible? Welcome to SNUBA!

Our instructors will guide you through the tropical underwater world. Since 1988, SNUBA Recreational Centers throughout the world have introduced millions of people to their first underwater breathing experience without having to complete a lengthy certification course and without having to wear heavy Scuba Tanks. You too can experience why this patented SNUBA system and guided touring program has become so popular with families and non-divers.

The ocean's "Life Zone" is found in the first 30ft (10 M) of water. This is where you will find the most color, fish, coral and more bottom time. SNUBA keeps you right in the middle of that "Life Zone" with a maximum depth of 20ft (6.5 M). Before arriving at the dive site you will receive a thorough orientation and your SNUBA guide will accompany you on a safe, easy supervised underwater tour that you can enjoy at your own comfort level.

SNUBA was developed for the entire family, ages 8yrs+ can explore to a maximum depth of 20ft. Relax and enjoy the fun of breathing underwater without time consuming training and heavy equipment. Please, complete the SNUBA medical form/waiver before commiting to your reservations as there are strict health guidlines that we adhere to for your safety.


(All trips visit 2 sites. Choose to SNUBA on one or both sites)


SNUBA 1 site Snorkel 1 site.......$200

SNUBA both sites........................$275

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If online dates aren't available please, call. We often have room for you,

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