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                                  Scuba Trip         $150

                          Tanks & Weights      $170

           Tanks, Weights, Reg  BC        $190

            Full Gear  (including wetsuits)      $220

   Snorkel, Bubble Watcher(Rider)    $100

      SNUBA 1 site / Snorkel 1 site      $200

                        SNUBA both sites       $275

             Dive Guide  1st Person          $200

             Dive Guide @ additional        $50

             Hunting Guide 1st person     $275

            Hunting Guide @ additional   $125

                       Night Dive   add            $65

                       Wreck Dive add            $65

                        Nitrox  Trip Tank          $20










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Reef Trips



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All Lesons include learning materials, boat trips, rentals and registrations.


       Dive Experience (Pool Only 1/2 Day)             $200


            Resort Course (Pool/Boat  1 Day)        $400

        Refresher Course (Pool/Boat 1 Day)            $400

 Open Water Course (Pool/Boat/Lecture 3 Days)   $999

        Open Water Check Outs (Boat only)               $550   

        Advanced Open Water (1 1/2 Days)          $800

         Hunting Certification ( 2 trips)                 $650

   Nitrox, Rescue & Specialties Starting at       $375

If online dates aren't available please, call. We often have room for you,


I                                 Tank           $25

                               Regulator      $25

                                     BCD         $25

                               Weights         $1@lb

                                    Mask         $10

                                Rx Mask       $18

                                       Fins       $10


                Open Healed Fins       $15

                                     Boots      $8

                        Short Wetsuit      $15

                        Full Westsuit       $25

                              Float Flag      $20


       All prices are subject to change without notice

       Certifying 10 & 11 yr olds may have additional 

       fees due to a required decreased student to 

       instructor ratio.

Cancellation Policies

Considerable time and prepartation goes into your trip and course scheduling. The following cancellation policies are strictly enforced for the consideration of all passengers, classes, and crew. 

To receive a FULL REFUND, cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to your reservation.

There are NO REFUNDS for:

Parties failure to show up for their scheduled reservation or course.

Incompletion of a course once initiated. Weather conflicts will receive a raincheck/reschedule.

Inclement weather and adverse sea conditions will be determined and cancelled by the Captain.

All trips cancelled by the Captain will receive the choice of a FULL REFUND, a raincheck, or simply to reschedule.

Certified Divers must be current in their skills.  If an extended time has elapsed since their last dive, they may be required to take a refresher course and/or hire a dive guide.

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Medical Waiver

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All participants reserving for compressed air activities are healthy and fit to dive.  They do not suffer from:

  • Asthma ( No inhalers)

  • Diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2 treated with meds)

  • Epilepsy

  • Heart Attacks

  • Heart Surgeries

  • Pulmonary or Lung Disfunction

  • Pulmomary or Lung Surgeries

  • Inability to equalize ears

  • Pregnant

  • Currently treated for any other Major Medical Condition

Failure to release medical information at time of reservation may disqualify them as participants and NO REFUNDS will be issued. Your safety is paramount so please call us if you have any questions.

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